It’s all about splitting your group expenses

Splitting bills of group expenses is made easy by Billsmash. Now easily create groups, add expenses and settles the balances using BillSmash. See all your summary of accurate expenses for a transparent settlement of balances. Settle debts in minimum number of transactions.



BillSmash is a very simple mobile app and easy to use. Clean and simple User Interface provides user a very quick overview of the expenses.


A very simple and user friendly User Interface provides users access to all the information related to expenses. Easy to Edit and delete expenses.


Billsmash is Cloud connected. All the expenses are backed up in cloud. Everyone in group gets notified when any expenses are entered or updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your common queries are mentioned here. Please feel free to contact us to know more.

Is user signup required to use Billsmash ?

Yes. Billsmash is a cloud connected and secured mobile app. All your data is stored securely in google cloud. Use your existing google account to signin to Billsmash. No need to remember any username password. Just use your existing google account to use Billsmash. You need to Sign-in only once and start using the app without requiring logging in again.

Does Billsmash sync data across all the devices that belong to a group?

Yes. Billsmash will send notification to all members in a group. However, you need to add the e-mail ID of the users when you create group. That's how the devices can be synced.

How can I share the group with other users?

Anyone who has installed Billsmash can join any existing group. Send invitation to your friends by selecting "Share Group" option from the menu and send the invitation via any messaging apps. The invitee can just click the link and join the group.

How Billsmash does the balance calculation?

Billsmash will provide the balances in such a way that it will require minimum number of transactions to settle expenses. For ex: If A owes to B $x and B owes to C $x then A has pay to C $x. This way the number of transactions reduces and it simplifies the settlement.